The publisher BE VetVerlag - books for veterinarians

The name BE VetVerlag stands for topical subjects in the field of veterinary medicine with practical usability in view.

The reader will not find the classical type of fundamentally theoretical textbooks in our range of titles. Our books convey up-to-date knowledge with a focus on facts to benefit the practical work of veterinarians. Access to the current state of veterinary medicine becomes readily available in a concise style with lots of practical aspects in the foreground.

The practitioner learns everything from the basics and scientific facts via case-specific diagnostic hints to entire recipes for treatment.

The proper integration of the animal owner into the treatment is often the essential clue to success. This approach is therefore given due coverage in the form of instructions for supportive home treatment (as in physiotherapy).

The authors

The authors engaged by the BE VetVerlag are renowned international specialists writing in a practical-minded and fluent style.

Among the authors are currently Larry P. Tilley, Ralf Müller, Anthony Carr, Scott Brown, Rebecca Stepien, Federica Maggio, Michael Davidson, Rodney Bagley, Wilfried Kraft, FR Ungemach, Wolf Erhard, Julia Henke, Barbara Bockstahler, Franck Forterre, Sabine Tacke, Dragan Lorinson, Darryl Millis, David Levine and Dr. Beate Egner, the general manager and owner of the publishing company BE VetVerlags.

Dr. Egner is also the general manager of the continuing education courses "Schloss–Seminar", well known in Germany.

List of available books in German