"Essential Facts of Physiotherapy in Dogs and Cats"

with educational video on DVD ''
Co-Authors: Barbara Bockstahler, David Levine, Darryl Millis
BE VetVerlag Babenhausen, 2004

ISBN 3-938274-08-3


By Krista B. Halling, DVM, Diplomate ACVS

Essential Facts of Physiotherapy in Dogs and Cats: A Reference Guide Including DVD is a very comprehensive and well-organized source of practical information for performing rehabilitation in dogs and cats. While providing some background pathophysiology where indicated, this book’s emphasis is the clinical application of physical therapy and it has undoubtedly achieved that goal.

Although not indexed, the book’s otherwise user-friendly format consists of bulleted key points and tips with very well designed tables and effective figures. The chapters guide the reader through each treatment modality as well as rehabilitation protocols for the most common orthopedic and neurological disorders in small animals.

The DVD is equally successful at demonstrating how to perform a variety of therapeutic modalities, and is organized by chapter, making it very easy to advance to the desired section of the DVD.

While the information in the book is thorough, the authors have kept it concise and easy to understand. These qualities make Essential Facts of Physiotherapy in Dogs and Cats appropriate for veterinarians, physical therapists, veterinary technicians, veterinary students, and owners alike.

In summary, I would recommend this book and DVD for anyone who endeavors to further their understanding of veterinary rehabilitation and I would consider this essential material for those who perform physical therapy on dogs and cats.

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