[3e] Essential Facts of Ophthalmology in Dogs and Cats; DVD included
A Reference Guide
Jens Linek (editor), Federica Maggio Stefano Pizzirani

ISBN 978-3-938274-21-7, BE-VetVerlag, Babenhausen, 2008

Price 89,00 including videos on DVD

This book is not a textbook - it’s a tutorial book.

At last there is a book that uses a clear, concise and readily comprehensible format to present all essential facts of ophthalmology in a nutshell. The reader can quickly navigate through each section via selective questions in an almost interactive manner instead of getting bogged down in pages and pages of continuous text. It is a brilliant book that uses extensive illustrations to convey and promote the acquisition of beginning and advanced ophthalmological knowledge.

Basic examination techniques such as tonometry, slit lamp examination, direct ophthalmoscopy and indirect ophthalmoscopy are described in detail, and additional examinations such as electroretinography, ultrasound and gonioscopy are presented in overview.

A variety of tests that help the examiner to establish a selective diagnosis are explained.

These include the Schirmer tear test, tear film break-up time, Jones test and various tests of vision such as the dazzle test, swinging flashlight test, and postural reflex test, etc. For even better comprehension, the techniques and tests are demonstrated in detail on the video, which also provides many valuable tips.

The commentated surgery videos are another highlight of the book they present impressive precision surgery and a wealth of practical information. ·

  • Prolapse of the third eyelid, ·
  • Entropion,·
  • Conjunctival flap,
  • Cataract Tables providing valuable information on breed predispositions,
  • genetic diseases and medications are presented in the appendix.

With this impressive book, the authors have succeeded in creating open access to ophthalmology. The knowledge it conveys is practice-oriented, readily comprehensible and directly applicable.

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