"Essential Facts of Physiotherapy in Dogs and Cats"

with educational video on DVD
BE VetVerlag Babenhausen, 2004

ISBN 3-938274-09-3

The rehabilitation/physical therapy modalities available today supply fast and effective treatment strategies for postoperative care and pain management. In the present book, renowned European and American veterinary scientists have compiled their long years of experience in the application of these techniques in veterinary practice. It currently is the only book on the market specifically geared towards the practical implementation of these potent treatment methods in veterinary medicine. Each treatment modality is clearly and concisely described using extensive tables and illustrations.

To ensure simple and selective implementation of the treatments, we have included:

  • Teatment protocols in "Indications", the chapter in which all orthopedic and neurological indications for physical therapy are discussed.
  • Training videos to all treatment modalities on the DVD, including all important details and numerous tips to ensure easy mastery of the techniques in individual home study.

Physical therapy encompasses an endless variety of treatment possibilities. The treatment modalities included in this book were selected with the following goals/criteria in mind:

  • Significant reduction of rehabilitation time after surgery
  • Fast and effective pain management for patients with acute and chronic pain

Optimal postoperative care of orthopedic and neurological patients, or as an alternative to surgery in cases where surgery is not feasible for various reasons

  • Easy mastery and application
  • Frequent use
  • Rapid onset of effect
  • Improve client-animal bonding by enlisting the animal owner in treatment
  • Cost-effectiveness

Authors: Barbara Bockstahler, David Levine, Darryl Millis

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