PAL DVD Videos

PAL DVD Videos can be viewed if you have:

Multistandard and Multisync equipment

Nowadays even inexpensive commercial DVD players and TV-sets support PAL and NTSC video standards. However, this does not apply to every video playback equipment currently in use or on sale.

IIf your equipment does not automatically recognize the type of DVD video (the video format), it may be possible to change the setting of your units manually.

Press the appropriate button on your equipment (in most cases the setup button) and select the PAL video standard by going to the relevant menu option where most units allow you to toggle between settings. If your equipment shows that NTSC is the current setting please change it to PAL.

Please refer to your equipment manuals for more details which we cannot indicate here because units are all a bit different.

Software DVD players on computers

A good option is to play PAL DVD Videos on computer systems having appropriate software DVD players. We do not guarantee that the software recommended by us here functions on any computer system or that it actually has the features indicated by the manufacturers. However, press reviews are very positive about the following software packages:

A software player which can play back is the Cyberlink Power DVD player Deluxe Version 6 which can be bought from software vendors. The advantage of viewing videos on a computer screen is that "PAL and NTSC DVDs play as smooth as silk".

The VLC Media Player is a player software which can be downloaded from the website of its manufacurer, the company VideoLAN.